Bathhouse Kits

Log Cabin Bathhouses

A Log Cabin Bathhouse Kit Makes Any Campground More Comfortable!

Even the most rustic of campgrounds can benefit from a log cabin bathhouse.  Whether your campers pitch a tent, park an RV or bunk in a log cabin, they will all appreciate a bathhouse kit where they can shower and refresh after an active day of fun.  Bathroom facilities heavily impact if visitors want to return to your property.  Adding a Conestoga bathhouse kit is an easy way to improve the guest experience.  Let Conestoga provide you with a durable, low maintenance log cabin bathhouse.

With the ever growing need for private facilities and family facilities, a bathhouse is a great addition to your property. No matter which one you select, guests will remember a beautiful building with the feel of a traditional log cabin.

Just A Few Reasons You Should Consider A Conestoga Bathhouse Cabin Kit

  • Far more appealing than Porta Potties and outhouses.
  • ADA Compliant models are available so everyone can share the camping experience.
  • Option to include laundry facilities in the design.
  • Option to include storage areas in the design.
  • Family washrooms can be included in the design
  • You can decide how plain or fancy you want it to be.
  • Gender specific options available.
  • Log cabin bathhouses are more attractive than cinder block buildings that are reminiscent of prison showers.
  • All include covered porches where you can place vending machines, trash receptacles or benches.

As with all Conestoga Log Cabin Kits, our bathhouses are completely customizable to suit your campground’s needs.  Contact us today to start working with a Conestoga representative on making your guests happy while making your business more profitable.

Durango Bathhouse

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Alpine Bathhouse

Alpine Bathhouse | 393 SQF | 27' x 14'7" Bathhouse Buildings Are Becoming Modern This 393 square foot bathhouse is divided into two equal rooms that are mirror images of each other. Each side will house two sinks, two private shower stalls and two toilets.   Covered porches flank both ends. Does your campground cater to active [...]

Mountain King Bathhouse

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Twin Grove Bathhouse

Twin Grove Bathhouse | 840 SQF | 20' x 42' If your guests would appreciate private bathroom facilities, consider the Twin Grove Bathhouse.  At 20 feet by 42 feet, this attractive bath house features eight separate rooms.  Six private bathrooms are spacious and identical with shower stall, toilet and sink.  They could easily be used [...]

Grand Berkshire Bathhouse

Grand Berkshire Bathhouse | 1,296 SQF | 36' x 36' Guests Want Nice Bathrooms Extend the log cabin look to your bathhouses.  Log cabin bathhouses are far more attractive than concrete block prison style buildings.  Log cabin bathhouses can be easily insulated unlike concrete block to ensure your campers comfort year round.  Whenever you visit [...]