Why Choose Us

Conestoga Has Experience

We have the experience working with government agencies and can help guide you through the Bid Process if that’s necessary, making it less time-consuming.  As a military vendor and proven cabin supplier to MWR installations in the states and worldwide, our experienced team can coordinate logistics and reduce your worries.

Below are advantages of why you should build a government-approved Conestoga Log Cabin:

  1. Dedicated Project Consultant who will guide you through the process from the conceptual phase to manufacturing, to assembly.  We pair every new customer with an individual consultant who has only one job:  to serve as a trusted advisor.  Conestoga project consultants will help every step of the way and they work on one guiding principle:  to treat others the way they would want to be treated.
  2. Easy Financing with a Purchase Order or Military issued Government Credit Card are Accepted
  3. Technologically Advanced Software is available to work with local authorities to ensure permits are attained and code requirements are met.  While we offer an extensive line of standard models across a wide range of log building types, there my unique requirements to your site.  Conestoga offers an in-house custom design service to accommodate such needs.  Our designers are experts in log cabin structures and bring years of experience in design, engineering, and use of CAD (computer-aided design).
  4. Friendly, knowledgeable technical support staff available to guide you during the assembly process.  Because we design and manufacture every log cabin kit we ship, Conestoga has developed a comprehensive knowledge base of technical expertise.  Not only do our technical support staffers work closely with design, engineering, and production, they also interact with assembly teams, builders, and the end-users of this product.  This comprehensive knowledge of our project line makes them world-class support specialists.  Our staff of support specialists are field-trained, service-oriented, and committed to perpetuating our reputation for outstanding customer support.
  5. Engineered Logs developed for consistency, strength, and stability that is not typical of conventional logs.  Our logs resist warping, checking, shrinking, and settling which are known to complicate the process with other providers and to increase long-term maintenance.  Our logs are used in unbroken lengths up to 28’ so there are never butt joints in a Conestoga Log Cabin wall.  Joint-less log walls also deliver superior weather and water resistance.
  6. Easy Assembly because every log is precision milled to exact specifications, stacked, and then labeled.  All logs are pre-notched and pre-drilled for utility services to be installed easily.  If you choose to contract with us to build your Conestoga log cabin, our assembly teams are trained, experienced, and endorsed by Conestoga Log Cabins.
  7. GSA Approved  GS07F0549W