What is the average cost per square foot for cabins?

For small cabins under 800 SQF, the kit price would be around $60/SQF.  A larger building would be around $80/SQF.  A rough estimate for a tunrkey cabins would be double the kit price.  This includes excavation, foundation, utilities, and more so that the log structure is ready for occupants.  The price would e more for longer driveways/parking lots, cabins built on a grade, etc.

Do your logs come from renewable forest practices?

Yes, all our logs come from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified vendors.  The engineered logs originate from trees planted in forests and have a much smaller carbon footprint than other log systems.

What is the average time for delivery from the time of purchase order?

While this can vary based on size of the cabin, time of year ordered and customization, the time from sign-off of building plans to shipping is about 60 days.  The time from order placed to sign-off building plans can be days for standard cabins to months for larger complex buildings that require numerous customer requested revisions.

How long does it take to assemble?

The size of the building and the number of people assembling has a significant impact.  Cabins under 800 SQF with a crew of three people should take about three weeks to assemble a basic cabin.

Additional time should be added for foundation, running utilities, obtaining construction permits and staining.  With larger log building, with full insulation and finishing, the time would be a few months.  We have a crew that can assemble the kit worldwide and would work with your local general contractor.  We also have in-house technical support for those that self-build.

How often is it recommended to re-caulk between the logs?

Because of our engineered logs, there is no need to caulk between logs.  Caulk is used where the logs cross, such as the corners of the cabin.  It is recommended to re-stain every five years, which is when the caulk should be inspected and re-caulked as needed.