Everlast™ Laminated Log

Glu-Laminated Logs Are Perfect For Log Homes And Cabins

All the beauty of wood with all the advantages of technology!  Conestoga’s Everlast™ Log is a triple-laminated powerhouse of structural strength, stability and durability that also delivers the warmth, character and visual appeal of wood.

  • The Everlast Log is stronger and more stable for log cabins

    Precision notched and interlocking corners
    Precision notched and interlocking corners
  • The Everlast Log is resistant to warping, twisting and settling because it is a more structurally stable log home solution.
  • The Everlast Log is resistant to movement, shrinkage and checking because it is kiln-dried to 15% or below moisture content.
  • The Everlast Log is resistant to decay because it is kiln-dried below the 19% fungi threshold.
  • The Everlast Log walls are full length up to 28′ in length. This eliminates unsightly log joints and reduces the possibility of air and water infiltration

The Everlast™ Log is precision-notched for exact fit and the extraordinary interlocked corners add structural integrity and weather-tight performance to all Conestoga log cabins.

Everlast™ Logs, available in standard flat profile or optional D profile, are renowned for their excellent working and finishing characteristics.

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