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Log Cabin Kits And Camping Cabin Kits

  • We’ve sold over 1,000 log cabin kits for commercial use – just in the past few years!
  • We sell more multiple commercial units to more customers than anyone else!

Conestoga Log Cabins is the largest log cabin company for the camp and resort market. We understand ROI and the importance of low maintenance, for this reason we have many repeat camp and resort customers.

Many of our customers build their own log cabin kits because our automated factory provides precision cut materials and the kits have virtually everything you need. Every log is bar-coded and ready for assembly upon arrival. We also have crews that travel worldwide to help build your log cabin kit.

Our in-house design team can create any type or size of custom log cabin plan in addition to any other log structure to fit within your budget. Contact us to find out how our log cabins and camp cabin kits can broaden your customer base, therefore extending your season and delivering a quick return on investment.

Below you can view our standard Resort Log Cabin Kits and Camping Cabin Kits.  Custom options are always available.

Boulder Lodge Cabin

Boulder Lodge Cabin | 292 SQF | 14'7" x 20' | 1 BR | 1 BA Campground resort buyers comment on the low maintenance and durable qualities of the Boulder Lodge.  Building log cabins can be sound investment in the future of your property. Boulder Lodge Camping Log Cabin Kit Commercial small log cabin buyers will find [...]

Frontier ADA Cabin

Frontier ADA Cabin | 394 SQF | 14'7" x 27' | 1 BR | 1 BA The Frontier small log cabin plan was designed specifically for a campground that wanted to offer their campers more than just bare bones cabin.  They wanted to upgrade to deluxe cabins that would have broader appeal.  Working closely with [...]

Bear Creek Cabin

Bear Creek Cabin | 408 SQF | 17' x 24' Commercial log cabin customers find a lot to like in the Bear Creek Camping log cabin.  You’ll see a well thought out small house kit cabin floor plan that your guests will appreciate.  The large kitchen area measures 12 ft. x 17 ft. with ample room [...]

Outdoorsman Cabin

Outdoorsman Cabin | 424 SQF | 14'7" x 20' At 14′-7″ x 21′, the Outdoorsman commercial log cabin is one of Conestoga Log Cabin’s most popular models among hunters and fishermen.  Many trophies are mounted on Outdoorsman log cabin walls all across the United States of America.  The Outdoorsman provides more than just comfortable shelter within its [...]

Kerawinds Cabin

Kerawinds Cabin| 437 SQF | 14'7" x 30' | 2 BR | 1 BA The Kerawinds Commercial Log Cabin was designed specifically for the resort and campground market.  It is a charming yet practical solution that responds to what vacationers want.  It will be a welcomed addition to your camping resort. Step Inside The Kerawinds [...]

Heritage Cabin

Heritage Cabin | 580 SQF | 14'7" x 27' | 2 BR | 1 BA Your guests will see our 14′-7″ x 27′ log cabin package as an idyllic cozy cottage.  The Heritage is well suited to be a weekend getaway and vacation spot.  This log cabin can be rented by family and friends who want [...]

Hemlock ADA Cabin

Hemlock ADA Cabin | 669 SQF | 18'7" x 36' | 1 BR | 1BA ADA Camping Cabin Choice More and more campgrounds and resorts are looking to offer accessible camping.  A successful camping property wants to make sure its facility is welcoming and inviting to everyone.  An ADA camping cabin such as the Hemlock can [...]

Brandywine Cabin

Brandywine Cabin | 740 SQF | 27' x 20' | 2BR | 1 BA This 27′ x 20′ log cabin’s bedroom and full bath are coupled with an efficient, open kitchen, roomy great room, and extra loft space making it a choice selection for vacationers everywhere. The Brandywine log cabin package is the perfect addition to your campground or [...]

Yukon ADA Cabin

Yukon ADA Cabin | 760 SQF | 20' x 38' | 2 BR | 1 BA Camping is an experience that everyone should be able to enjoy. That’s why Conestoga Log Cabins offers ADA prefab log cabins that welcome all of your guests. Our ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant cabin kits offer accessibility as well as [...]

Serenity Cabin

Serenity Cabin | 280 SQF | 14' x 20' | 1 BR |1 BA Our goal is for you to quickly see your investment pay off with Serenity Log Cabins Kits.  We offer a sturdy, low maintenance, cost-effective log cabin that will charm your campground or resort guests.  The Serenity log cabin will make them want to [...]

Vacationer Cabin

Vacationer Cabin | 727 SQF | 17' x 31' | 2 BR | 1 BA At a roomy 727 square feet, all of your vacation log cabin needs will be met.  Separate bedroom provide privacy.  A full kitchen is a must for making hearty breakfasts, baking chocolate chip cookies and frying up the catch of [...]

Mountain King

Mountain King Cabin | 1,080 SQF | 20' x 36' | 2BR | 1BA The Mountain King is one of Conestoga Log Cabins’ best selling log cabin kits and we’re not the least bit surprised.  These 20′ x 36′ log cabins are the ultimate in cabin luxury.  Your guests will think it is the perfect getaway [...]


Pioneer Cabin Kit | 169 SQF | 13' x 13' | 1 BR If your guests simply require tough and rugged shelter, consider the Pioneer Camping Cabin and other small cabins for sale. Designed in the spirit of the pioneer tradition, it is intended for minimalists who can forgo modern comforts such as a kitchen [...]