Multi-Purpose Kits

Our Multi-Purpose Log Cabin Structures Aren’t Just For Your Guests!

Don’t just think of log cabins as a place for your guests to sleep after a long day of enjoying themselves at your campground or resort.  Log cabin kits can be used throughout your property in multiple ways.  In addition to our bunkhouses and bathhouses, Conestoga Log Cabins & Homes offers a variety of impressive retail and multi-purpose log cabin structures to round out your rental business.

Some uses for multi-purpose log cabin structures

  • Set the scene from the moment your guests arrive. A log cabin registration building will impress guests and add to the ambiance of your resort.  The Trap Pond Commercial Log Cabin Kit is used as the check-in station at a state park.
  • Use a cabin for the mess hall. Guests can continue to enjoy log cabin living while eating and socializing together.
  • What could be more charming than a log cabin store? Continue the rustic feel of your site while visitors browse the aisles.  Check out the Cropper Island
  • Staff could get a lot of work done in a log cabin office.
  • A multi-purpose log cabin kit can easily be outfitted as laundry facilities.
  • Keep the kids entertained in the log cabin game room.
  • A log cabin would make an adorable pool house.
  • Create a mixed use log building and include whatever combination you want. House offices, a store and a café all under one roof.

There are many more ways to include a multi-purpose log cabin kit and enhance your investment.  As with all Conestoga Log Cabin kits, our multi-purpose log cabin kits are fully customizable to suit the needs of your campground or resort.

Contact us today to start the conversation of how we can help you impress your guests.

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Trap Pond Multi-Purpose

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