Trap Pond Multi-Purpose

Trap Pond Multi-Purpose | 1,240 SQF | 20' x 42'

Cabin shell kits are known for their versatility.

The 20’ x 42’ Trap Pond Multi-Purpose log cabin kit is incredibly versatile and useful in a wide range of commercial applications.  At over 1,200 square feet this building is ready-to-use log built space.  Commercial log cabin customers who have purchased the Trap Pond comment that it is ruggedly durable, pleasing to look at, environmentally sound and very affordable.

Make a Great First Impression

The Trap Pond can fit into your business plan.  Picture a Trap Pond serving as a welcome center on your property.   Your guests will be impressed from the moment they arrive on-site.  A favorable first impression is priceless in business.  Your visitors will be drawn to the attractiveness of the Trap Pond while you will appreciate its sturdy low maintenance qualities.

Since the space of the Trap Pond is completely adaptable, a floorplan can be created to address your property’s needs.  Did a guest forget a toothbrush?  You can keep open spaces for a retail area.  Do you or your staff need space?  Private offices can be included in the design.  A drive through window can be added for expedited guest check in.  Areas can be added for storage, restrooms, reception or just about anything else you might need.