Mountain King Bathhouse

Mountain King Bathhouse | 720 SQF | 36' x 20

See Why This Bathhouse Is King

Mountain King bathhouses feature four rooms.  Each room has its own entrance.  The first room is big enough for three sinks, three toilet stalls, and two shower stalls.  Each shower stall includes a small changing area.  The second room is the mirror image of the first with the exact same arrangement.   Windows are strategically placed to allow for cross ventilation. The third room is a large ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant restroom with sink, toilet, shower stall and plenty of turn around space.  Campers will certainly appreciate the last room which was designed to serve as a laundromat.  It will hold three washing machines and three dryers.  A storage area is located off of the laundry room.  This bathhouse is even flanked on each end by a three foot covered porch!