Twin Grove Bathhouse

Twin Grove Bathhouse | 840 SQF | 20' x 42'

If your guests would appreciate private bathroom facilities, consider the Twin Grove Bathhouse.  At 20 feet by 42 feet, this attractive bath house features eight separate rooms.  Six private bathrooms are spacious and identical with shower stall, toilet and sink.  They could easily be used as family restrooms.  All you have to do is add hooks and benches for your guests’ comfort.

What Else Is Inside The Twin Grove Bathhouse?

The seventh room can be outfitted to accommodate an ADA compliant bathroom with wider doors, wider shower stall, appropriate sink heights, grab bars and accessible faucet controls.   The eighth room can be turned into a laundry services room by adding a washing machine and dryer.  Two washers, two dryers and a storage closet fit into this space.

Covered porches extend the length of two sides of the Twin Grove.  At 42 feet long each, your guests will have plenty of room to wait in the shade for the next restroom to become available.