Bear Creek Cabin

Bear Creek Cabin | 408 SQF | 17' x 24'

Commercial log cabin customers find a lot to like in the Bear Creek Camping log cabin.  You’ll see a well thought out small house kit cabin floor plan that your guests will appreciate.  The large kitchen area measures 12 ft. x 17 ft. with ample room for appliances and a dining table.  Add a cedar log futon for more sleeping space.  A private bedroom can accommodate bunk beds.  A 61-square foot storage area accessed by ladder above the bathroom provides extra space to stow gear and supplies. A six foot full length covered porch makes a great place for guests to kick back and watch the sunset after a long day in the woods or on the water.

Perfect Family Vacation Log Cabin

The Bear Creek Camping Log Cabin is ideal for family camping vacations. Families will use the Bear Creek as a seasonal getaway spot.  Build log cabins on your property and people will love to visit and look forward to returning year after year.