Pioneer Cabin Kit | 169 SQF | 13' x 13' | 1 BR

If your guests simply require tough and rugged shelter, consider the Pioneer Camping Cabin and other small cabins for sale. Designed in the spirit of the pioneer tradition, it is intended for minimalists who can forgo modern comforts such as a kitchen and a bathroom.  At 13 feet by 13 feet, this one room cabin offers sleeping accommodations for up to four people.  You’ll find a basic log cabin that is sturdy, low maintenance and comfortable.

The Pioneer Camping Cabin was designed for the modern day pioneer who seeks adventure.  After a day of exploring the unknown and hiking the backwoods, your guests can settle down for the night in the Pioneer. Or maybe they’re hiking with the kids playing “I Spy” or having a scavenger hunt. Everyone will love returning to their cozy cabin in the woods.

This quality rustic cabin features a 6 foot deep covered porch where guests can sit and clean off their boots. It’s roomy enough for a bench or a couple of camp chairs.

There is no need to worry about furnishing the Pioneer.  Conestoga also offers beds that are perfectly suited for this log cabin kit.