Serenity Cabin

Serenity Cabin | 280 SQF | 14' x 20' | 1 BR |1 BA

Our goal is for you to quickly see your investment pay off with Serenity Log Cabins Kits.  We offer a sturdy, low maintenance, cost-effective log cabin that will charm your campground or resort guests.  The Serenity log cabin will make them want to come back year after year.  Who doesn’t want repeat business?  Each log cabin package that you purchase is another opportunity to make money.  Picture log cabins throughout your property that are in demand all season.  

What’s Inside The Serenity Commercial Log Cabin?

This 14 foot x 20 foot log cabin package is surprisingly spacious at 280 square feet.  The Serenity Commercial Log Cabin offers a private bedroom, living area and bathroom.  The sink and water heater are in the bedroom while the shower and toilet are in the bathroom.  An optional kitchenette is available. Your guests will have plenty of room to relax with the morning paper or a good book on the covered front porch.  Considering its size and standard equipment, this log cabin package is a real value.