Construction of MWR Cabins at Fort Drum

“The Conestoga Log Cabin Company is a great company to work with.  Any questions that should arise during cabin construction are answered right away by Conestoga’s Technical Support Team which is great for us as a contractor.  Conestoga’s plans and details are very simple to follow and the product is of great quality. When I first started working with Conestoga 4yrs ago my company was awarded a contract to build 8 Vacationer Cabins.  I was concerned because I had no experience in building or erecting a log cabin kit and time is everything as a Contractor.  I called Conestoga and talked to the Project Manager to discuss the erection of the cabins and we had a great conversation.  At the end of our lengthy conversation he said “I’ll tell you what, myself and a person from Technical Support will come up to the job site the day you start to help out.”

I was really impressed.  Bear in mind we are in upstate NY in January and there was almost 3’-0” of snow on the ground with more coming.  None of this mattered to Conestoga, the team drove up from Southeast Pennsylvania, spent the day and went over every aspect with my crew and myself.  To me that’s 1st class.

To date we have erected a total of 16 cabins and there is more to come.  We look forward to working with Conestoga in the future both here on Fort Drum and elsewhere. ”

Steve Gray, Superintendent, Structural Associates Inc