Pavilion Kits

Pavilion Kits |Custom

Outdoor pavilions are a mainstay at campgrounds, parks, churches, resorts and camps.  Our first commercial pavilion kit was designed for a camp in New York.  They wanted a place to rendezvous for meals and meetings during inclement weather. Conestoga designed a 16’ X 30’ pavilion for them.  They liked it so much that they ordered nine more!  The pavilion kits were easily assembled by the Camp director and volunteers.

Conestoga’s First Pavilion Kit

For decades, Conestoga Log Cabins & Homes has crafted beautiful yet durable log cabinslog homesbathhousesbunkhouses and multi-purpose log buildings.   We are pleased to add the Sycamore pavilion kit to our inventory of log structure products.

Pavilion Kit Quality

Conestoga’s pavilion kits are made from high-quality lumber and are designed to offer shelter from the elements as well as provide shade.  Each pavilion kit includes a 45-year warranty metal roof for added durability.  We can customize the plan to any size requirement and even add walls for a greater sense of enclosure.   The assembly process is straight forward and only requires basic carpentry tools.